How To: Eyeliner Flicks



An eyeliner flick is always a great look and one that works for many occasion, especially if you want to go vintage!

I remember how frustrated I used to get when I couldn’t get it how I wanted…So I thought I would share a simple step by step how to.

  1. I always use a neutral shade of eye shadow on my eye lid as this acts as a barrier between the liner and oils on the lid preventing the make up looking messy.
  2. Using a liner of your choice (mine is Bobbi Brown Gel Liner) draw along as close as you can to the upper lash line.
  3. Draw outwards from the lower lash line. Make this as long as you like depending on how big you would like your flicks.
  4. Join the upper lash line to the outer point of the lower lash line just drawn and fill in the space.
  5. To clean up the edges of the line I like to blend over with a pencil, this also helps it to sit for longer.

Great products to use:

Page41_CosmeticsAndSkincare_BobbiBrown_GelEyelinerDuo_800x800 packaging_gel-liner MNMG01 images


Practise makes perfect, hope it’s been useful!

Laura x


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